Snooze is of the devil

Well, maybe snooze is not of the devil, but it was for me. I believe a miracle has happened in me. Some may think it is nothing, but I think there is no other way to explain it. In high school I had an alarm clock, but didn’t depend on it because I knew that my mom would wake me up like any good mother would. When it was time to get up, she would nicely tell us to get up… after a 10 minutes or so, we would get another call and another after that, each growing in intensity until the light would be on and our covers pulled off. I always knew that I had more time and would push the limits. My mother was very merciful.

I brought this awesome habit (cue sarcasm) into my marriage. It drove my wife crazy because she was and always has been a morning person. Once the alarm clock goes off, she would be wide awake for the next two or three more alarms! As mentioned before, I tried and tried, but failed. Didn’t matter how much I purposed in my heart to get up early, I would fail.I carried this habit into my young adulthood rarely getting up because I wanted to, but because I had to. You see, I always “wanted” to get up and tried everything. At one time, I pressed the snooze button every nine minutes for over three hours! It seems I could always convince myself to sleep another nine minutes. I tried everything. I even had a second alarm clock across the room from my bed, but my flesh still cried out. I hated this part of my life. I could seek God late at night, but was never able to get up early enough to do it in the morning, EVEN if I had 10 hours of sleep for days in a row!

I am not sure what happened, but I am finally getting up early, regardless if I stay up late or not. I have been getting up at 6 – 6:30 most mornings and even after staying up until 1-2 am. Crazy heh? I can only attribute this to God. It’s been almost two months now and I am still going strong. This is my little miracle. If you struggle with mornings too, God can do it for you!

Here’s another article I happened to stumble across called “The History of Snooze Clocks & Why They Are Evil”.