Are You Seeing God for Who He Is?

Are You Seeing God for Who He Is?

If God’s thoughts are not our thoughts, and His ways are truly not our ways (Isa 55:8), then why do we somehow think He would respond and react the way we would?

When a person does wrong, we immediately see punishment and retribution for the act rather than love and reconciliation. We see judgement, He sees mercy. We enforce law, He gives grace. It’s truly an opposite Kingdom.

Bring up God as a loving and forgiving creator who would never destroy man, but continually offer another chance (mercy) rather than enforce Law, and you are immediately labelled a heretic.

We as mortal humans revert to punishment and retribution.
He reverts to Grace and Mercy.

He is full of Mercy. He is full of Grace. He is full of Love. He is full of Peace…
He cannot act contrary.
There is no limit.
He cannot say “I have had enough. To hell with you.”

He only acts in Mercy, NOT judgement.
He only gives Grace, NOT law.
He can only Love, NOT fear.
He only brings peace, NOT chaos.
He is a Creator, NOT a destroyer.

He is the opposite of how we think and act.

Yet we still believe if we mess up, He will send us to a place of eternal torment we call hell.

I would continue to break this down, but I am afraid that most people stopped reading at that last statement. The truth is, we can apply God’s character to every situation that we face. Including death and our idea of judgement.

It’s time to think, ponder, question and see God for who He really is and who He has always been. GOOD.