Waking Up Pissed Off

waking-up-pissed-offEyes wide open and your heart starts racing. YOU SLEPT IN!! ARGH!! What happened?? You swear that eight short hours ago you set the alarm… right when little Jimmy came to your room because he had a bad dream. Oh no!! You got side tracked and forgot to set your alarm! Today is one of the most important days of your career. With ten minutes to be at work you shoot your boss a text message letting him know you will be late for the big meeting. Anger builds up inside and before leaving the house, you yell at Jimmy, blaming him for causing you to sleep in.

It is an easy mistake to become frustrated in the moment, but upon realizing that Jimmy was innocent, love and forgiveness wells up in your heart. He did absolutely nothing wrong. He was simply being a child doing what he was told to do when he gets scared.

Everyday there are people awakening to the grace of God and the good news of the Gospel. It’s truly exciting to see the “light turn on” in people’s minds and lives. Waking up can leave a person with mixed emotions. Feelings of betrayal—being let down by those you trusted. Anger and hate toward the lies and evil of the religious system. Some experience feelings of loss and loneliness, because asking unanswered questions causes those who don’t agree to abandon you.

Let His love be the fuel that keeps you going.

These feelings are common among those who have dropped their doctrine for Christ. He is so much greater than a set of beliefs. It’s so freeing to be live without the bonds of religion. Let His love be the fuel that keeps you going. It is so easy to continue riding the feelings of anger, but the love of Christ is greater. We can easily move into bitterness, cynicism and try and hurt those who hurt us. As they say “Hurt people, hurt people.” The truth is, just like so many others, we fell for the lies and deception of religion. It’s hard to be angry with someone who doesn’t know any better.

“Father forgive them for they know not what they do.” ~ Jesus

If we have been awakened by His love, we must be compelled by it. We cannot show love through sarcastic remarks, cynicism and anger. The system of religion is not a person. We are all on the same team. Just like little Jimmy, most people are doing what they know to be true—even if they are wrong. Love is the only thing that will awaken people to the truth found only in Christ.

Grace and peace!

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