Forever Alone – Among Seven Billion People

There is an internet meme going around that makes light of people who have been single for a long time or have a difficult time making friends. It can be hard to meet that special someone you want to spend your life with and equally difficult to find friends whom you can share your heart with.

I have been hearing a theme emerge in the past while and it disturbs me. Loneliness has been growing and it affects more people than we could imagine. Everyday I hear of people who say things like “I don’t fit in” or “I am lonely” and it irks me, not only that others suffer like this, but that I too suffer from time to time.

Friendships Can Be EasyI understand that people change and life changes. We go through different stages and seasons in our lives and with change, comes adapting. A stage is usually something that is longterm and should be enjoyed, rather than endured. You may be going through college, starting your new career, newly married, having children or seeing them get married and have kids of their own.

A season is something that should be temporary. It’s often uncomfortable and unavoidable. Starting a new job, going to a different school or moving to a different city. Being lonely should never be a longterm or recurring theme in our lives.

We can blame people, church institutions, programs, technology, social media, our career etc., but these things are only ever a problem if we allow ourselves to be controlled by them. Though seasons in our life will impact our loneliness, we must never allow our circumstances to control us.

Making friends or keeping friends always takes initiative. It takes contact, conversation and now-a-days, planning. Spontaneity is unfortunately a lost art. Being spontaneous takes having a flexible schedule on both sides, but unfortunately many are controlled by their schedule. Busyness is an epidemic that kills fellowship.

If you are in a season, remember, it’s temporary. Look for opportunities to fellowship and meet people. Plan a BBQ, games night, or coffee. You’ll soon find people who feel the same—people who want to stand against the busyness culture we live in.

Here is a quick list of what to look for in a true friend…

  • Knows your troubles and is there to help.
  • Lives by the motto “mi casa es su casa”.
  • Accepts your weaknesses and loves you anyway.
  • Speaks encouragement.
  • Listens without judgement.
  • Would never hold a grudge.
  • Is there when no one else is.
  • Will always give more than they take.
  • Will never treat you like a burden.
  • Knows, respects and accepts what is important to you.
  • Is not afraid to tell the honest truth.
  • Would never say hurtful things.
  • Offers sound advice with your interests in mind.
  • Rejoices in accomplishment and is a great support through failure.
  • Would never leave you hanging.
  • Is there to help without being asked.
  • Always speaks well of you.
  • Moments of silence are never awkward.
  • Calls to say “hi” and always returns calls.
  • Bails you out of trouble.
  • Forgives and offers grace and mercy

Now that you have read the list, BE THAT FRIEND. 🙂