A Changed Life

Why don’t you sing to me anymore?
I miss hearing your voice.It used to be so sweet, even when you missed notes and forgot the words.
You’ve changed… and I miss the old you.
I remember when you were lonely and waited to hear my voice.
Oh, how I loved cheering you up and giving you hope again.
I miss the times when you would tell me your deepest secrets.
When you hugged me, I wished it would last forever, but things have changed.
It’s like you don’t need me anymore. Like I don’t fit your life or something.
We used to talk into the night, but now it’s just awkward.
It seems the only time you call me is when you need something.
I talk to you, but you act like I have nothing good to say and ignore me.
It doesn’t have to be like this. You don’t have to struggle anymore.
I can help you. Don’t you remember how much better things use to be?
You were so happy and full of life.

What’s wrong? Talk to me. I’m listening…

– God

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