Once A Gain

Chasing the WindI have been reading Ecclesiastes lately. I have never read much of Ecclesiastes before the last couple days. But before I dove into it, I had the same feelings as the writer. I am beginning to understand the waste of the things that we put importance on in life. Everything is foolishness.

I think we are found chasing the wind more often than we think. There is nothing under the sun that satisfies in this natural world. All the things we seek to gain, wisdom, riches, pleasure, all are foolishness. This is the gospel of selfishness. We come into this life with nothing and leave with nothing but souls, yet we put such a high priority on natural gain. It’s foolishness.

We are not here to gain, but rather to share. I see Christians that are bound by their own wealth. An easy question that we can ask ourselves is simply this: Can I release this gain to someone else?

Ecclesiastes 5:15 Naked a man comes from his mother’s womb, and as he comes, so he departs. He takes nothing from his labor that he can carry in his hand.

We are here for such a short time. If all we do is gain for gain itself, we are dead long before we leave this place. It is great to enjoy what we have gained, but if we have no one to share it with, we are selfish and foolish. We love money so much that we will do whatever it takes to get it; even if it is unjust. I am not saying that we go rob banks and such, but we may cut corners to get it.

I work in the construction industry and deal with trades on a daily basis. I have had subcontractors mention to me that they would offer a better price if I paid cash. In other words, if I pay cash, they get the money without having to inform the government of their income, thus avoiding taxes. I understand this is the world’s way, BUT it has crept into the Church. IT IS NOT OKAY to pay or accept money under the table without claiming it as income with the government. The only reason that we would do this is for the simple fact that we are controlled by money. Who really cares? Is not God our source? Do we think that God needs help? When we die, do we not leave empty-handed?

Gain is not for us anyway, though we may enjoy it, we cannot change a life if we hold onto it. I am not here to tell you that if you sow your money into a ministry, God will bless you, though He may, the blessings of God come through Christ, not an outward action.

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