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Who Am I


I am not sure how you got here, BUT I am sure glad you found this website. I am just a guy with a voice. I am not a pastor, apostle or any of the other “five fold” ministers, though I probably operate in some of the five fold gifts. I am just a guy. I am in my mid 30’s, the father of four awesome children and husband to a beautiful wife. I have been serving Jesus since 1998 and am fully committed to Christ.

I have been on an amazing journey in the last few years as I have come to a deeper revelation of the Love of Christ. I invite you to read my thoughts and feel free to comment. I hope that this blog impacts you more and you fall deeper in love with Christ and enjoy the beauty of the union we have in Him. Feel free to share and like as many posts as you wish. Free have you received, freely give.If you have a testimony of how something you read on this site impacted your life, I’d love to hear it. Please send me a direct message below.

In Christ,
Ryan Boutin
Just a guy with a voice 🙂

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