No Shoes, No Shirt, No Service

I own a business and I want to choose who I serve! I chose to be my own boss, because I love making decisions and seeing the fruits of my labours. I work 14-16 hours per day on an average day and wouldn’t have it no other way. I love my job and love serving people.

In the past few weeks my newsfeed has been littered with opinions about controversial news stories regarding religious freedoms in the United States. One story speaks of a Christian Bakery refusing service to a gay couple. The second story talks of a Muslim Bakery refusing service to a gay couple. In the ever-growing, anti-Christian culture that is arising, as expected, the story became all about Christian intolerance.

no-shirt-no-shoes-no-serviceIt’s easy to use our “Religious Freedoms” as an excuse to hurt people, and for that, I am sad. I could never imagine refusing service to a gay person, or muslim, or _____________ (fill in the blank). I am here to serve my customers.

Let me remove the word “Religious” because I think this is so much bigger than religion. It’s about FREEDOM; much of which is slowly being taken away from us.

Some feel that laws need to be put in place so that refusal of service becomes illegal, and though this may sound like a “win” for the victim, it takes away the freedom of people to make their own decisions of what they think is proper action. Making laws to ensure people act appropriately has never worked; The church system has been doing it for thousands of years!

If a business owner chooses not to serve a person, for whatever reason, it should be the decision of the business owner, NOT the government. If they choose to refuse service to someone, it will be to their detriment as it will probably tarnish their reputation, thus resulting in a loss of business.

Each person has values, morals and a code of ethics in which they live their life. It is important to live by your convictions… BUT Love must always trump conviction.

I would love to say that I am the guy who would never refuse service to anyone… but I know that may not be the case, and if you are honest, you would probably not serve everyone who comes through your door either.

Let me give an example before the stones start flying. 🙂

If a well-known pedophile, whom recently completed his five year jail term, walks into Chuckie Cheese, culture says that refusing service to this gentleman, regardless if he has reformed, would be accepted as okay.

My company designs websites for a living. If a potential client wanted my company to design a pornographic website, I would refuse them service because I don’t agree in objectifying women and I have a wife I love. If a potential client wanted my company to design a website selling or promoting illegal products or activities, we would also refuse to serve that customer.

Lets turn the tables…

If I were to visit a place of business and was refused service because of my skin colour, sexual preference or what have you, I would move along to the next business—no questions asked. I do not want to be served by a company that doesn’t want to serve me. I am not interested in creating a stir or getting my way. I am not a victim, even when I am treated inappropriately. (If I was physically hurt, that is a different story.)

It’s time for the victim mentality to stop.

Without new laws being introduced, our culture dictates what is acceptable and what is not. It is important as a Christian, that we change our culture through love and acceptance, rather than our religious convictions.