God doesn’t need your help…

Act 10:38 And you know that God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Spirit and with power. Then Jesus went around doing good, telling people about His latest book and adding people to a mailing list, for that’s what He thought God wanted. NPV (New Prosperity Version)

Obviously, this is not a real translation of the Bible, but not much different than many churches now a days. I understand that many use this method to “fund” the work of God (their ministry), but are our motives pure?

When I see the over abundance and excess that some ministries and ministers possess, it disheartens me. Many have made Christianity into a business, and a big business at that.

God doesn't need your moneyOh, but God’s wants the best for us”, I hear people say.

Yes, but the best for us is the necessarily what we think it is. The best for us is not to be driven by the mighty dollar, gaining wealth on earth.

I do not know about every ministry that is out there, and there probably is one that doesn’t fit this example, but I am not talking about that ministry.

I have never found a scripture where a minister of the Gospel asked for money, sold his latest teaching or asked for people to partner with his ministry. Maybe it’s there and I have just haven’t found it.

Php 4:6 Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.

Yes, this means that you are to tell God what you need, not everyone on your mailing list or Facebook friends list. If someone asks you what your needs are, tell them. This is much the same as telling everyone you are sick. Is it not better to keep our mouth closed than speaking complaints, hoping for sympathy? Our confession of faith is not denial of the facts when asked (eg. Denying we have pain in our body or a financial need.), but rather calling on God to deliver us.

If we are truly “believing God for (insert personal need here)”, then we should keep our mouths closed and tell Him alone. God gets more glory when it is Him who does the work, rather than our friends and family members.

I understand asking for direct needs of something that the ministry wants to give to, but then this is probably done with the right heart motives because it is asking for the benefit of someone else.

I am reminded of the story about the rich young ruler. Jesus challenged the thing that held him back; his love for things (money). It was not the riches he had, but the love of those riches. If you study it through, “sell all you have” is mistranslated. Jesus was speaking of getting rid of excess, not everything.

God’s intent to bless us was NEVER for our gain, but that through us, we would be able to help someone else.

It’s really about motives of the heart. We must live to fill the needs in the lives of those around us. God know’s our needs and doesn’t need our help to make it happen and thus, we don’t need to let everyone around us know our needs. This is tough, because it takes faith. We must not be deceived thinking we are “walking by faith” when we tell those around us. That’s foolishness. Doing our part is working at a job, being good stewards with our money, tithing and giving. Doing our part (walking by faith) extends to every area of our life.

God always keeps His word, but a covenant always requires action from both parties that are subject to it.

Are you in it for the money, or can you be trusted by God to be poured through?

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