My Humanistic Theology

Christ has been ripping my theology apart in the last few years and continually showing me the depths of His love. He has dissolved my self-inspired theology that was developed through years of being led by my eyes and ears, rather than the Spirit of God.

I would hear what I thought was a good sermon about something that seemed to make sense in my natural mind and I would apply it to my life. If I was struggling with something, I would try harder to be better. I felt that because Christ was perfect, I should be could also attain perfection. Once, I even fasted 40 days with just water to increase my willpower. I believed that if I wasn’t seeing things change in my life, that He must not be happy with me and thus holding back from me. I truly believed that if I could give more of my life, He would give me more of His. The focus was never on Christ, but rather on me and my efforts trying to earn what He had already supplied for FREE!

I began to form my ideas around the experiences I had rather than being led by the Spirit of God. If I received prayer twenty times and didn’t experience a healing, I needed to continue the insanity until “God broke through” with continued trips to the altar until that one day, when everything would align and I receive my healing. I always thought that I wasn’t good enough, Holy enough, pure enough, righteous enough and that’s why Christ would not use me. I was continually needing to be “filled up” because I thought that it would leak out. This kept me bound to a system for sustenance rather than Christ.

I was humanistic. My eyes were always on me. If I saw any fruit in something I did, I made a method out of it and then basically turned it into a doctrine. I was fearful and full of self-effort and reliance regardless of what the Word of God spoke.

Why would Christ tell us to GO and heal the sick, cast out demons, give sight to the blind and raise the dead if we were not equipped to do so? I consider that evil!

I am reminded of a commercial (see below) that I saw recently. It’s hilarious, but could you imagine if this is how God intended things? NO. He intended us to have the whole cake and eat it too. He is withholding nothing from us.

We must never let our theology be developed by our experience. If we pray for someone and don’t see a healing, we must never assume that “healing isn’t for today.” Jesus would not tell us to heal the sick, cast out demons, give sight to the blind and raise the dead if it wasn’t possible. He HAS given us all authority. To continually ask Him for the keys that He gave us is absurd. Even more absurd is assuming that He is withholding from us because we aren’t seeing the results He said we would. There is no secret method.