I was a Methodist.

I was a methodistI wasn’t really a Methodist in the way we think, but I did follow a method. Oh, the simplicity of the Gospel. Jesus has a way of revealing Himself when you truly think you are doing what He wants.

I used to struggle and strive to connect with Jesus. I would sing at the top of my lungs, clap, hold my hands higher til my muscles burned, dance til drenched with sweat and do all the things I thought would draw Him closer. I would continually “repent” thinking that if I cleared my slate of sin He would find me more appealing. I used to beat the floor, cry out to Him and beg Him to come and change me.

This is what I did, because this is all I knew.

Somewhere along the path the Holy Spirit started to reveal the absurdities that I was habitually performing to try and get His attention. I was somehow convinced that if I didn’t follow these methods, Jesus would not “come”, as if He were some far off being.

Christ dwells in those who choose to make Him Lord. He came when I decided to follow Him. I don’t need to go through bunch of funny methods or formulas. He is right there when I open my heart and whisper His name. It doesn’t matter if I sinned or messed up, I simply turn my heart back toward Him and there He is, like we never missed a beat. We just carry on where we left off. It’s a freedom I never knew. I will never go back to a method or formula. NEVER.

I don’t need to ask Him to stir me up, light a fire, revive me or… (fill in the blank). I don’t have to beg Him to come–He is there. I am stirred. I am fired up. I am revived. He is inside roaring like a lion. I can now live freely in a place where He is everything, because He is. I can hear Him speak and feel Him nudge me. This is the Gospel—the Good News. Jesus Christ, the lover of my soul came to free me, because I would fail a million times and never get it right without Him.

Be real with yourself and question why you do the things you do and then let the Holy Spirit reveal Jesus. When all else fails, start with “Love God & Love People” and you’ll do alright.

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