A Deep Sleep Doesn’t Have to Ruin a Good Day

please-wake-up-before-our-humanity-is-lost-foreverWhenever my kids wake up in the morning, I ask them “How was your sleep?” I often get a generic “Good” and nothing more. Sometimes they have a crappy sleep. Maybe they are sick, had a bad dream or just didn’t sleep long enough and were woken up by a sibling.

A bad sleep should never ruin your day.

When they wake up after a bad sleep, sometimes they are “off” for the rest of the morning, but usually they snap out of it within the hour. I know they are learning, so I offer them as much grace as I can to help them get through the struggle. When they don’t show much change in attitude, I talk with them and encourage them to let go, forgive (if needed) and move on. A bad sleep should never ruin your day.

wake-up-with-a-maskIn the same way, your past should never ruin your attitude about your current state. Yes, I understand that many were hurt by church leadership—led to believe a lie, fed poisoned doctrine or condemned for being themselves, BUT there comes a time when a shift should occur.

There are those who speak from their hurt, and I get that. Hurt people, hurt people. We have all done it.

I used to believe that God was pissed off when I messed up and that I may be struck by proverbial lightening if I stepped out of line, OR worse, I would lose my salvation. Now, I understand that this is a misrepresentation of the Father. I followed mainstream media, church culture, and hung on every word that departed from the mouth of my pastor and other big name preachers. I tested nothing by scripture and the Spirit of God, and I fell into a trap.

Awakening to the Truth is awesome, but experiencing revelation of Truth also exposes evil. It is common, from my experience and what I have seen, that those who awaken want others to know about the evils of religion in order to help them avoid evil. Can that work? Let me ask you a question, “Did it work for you?”

It is easy to use sarcasm, mock and criticize religion, false teaching and even poor leadership, but it changes very little. Sarcastically exposing the evil God religion portrays, does little to help people see the real heart of the Father. Jesus showed us the Father, and though some of the evils of religion were exposed, He rarely, if at all, let evil be the focus, but rather love.

If you have woken up groggy, I get that. That’s what a deep sleep does to you. 🙂 BUT, don’t stop there. Share more love, hope and point to the Truth only found in Christ and you will be fully awake, sober-minded and a help to many, many people.

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