The Bible Can Stop You From Hearing God’s Voice

bible-can-stop-your-from-hearing-from-godIn the past, I used the scriptures to determine whether I was hearing from Christ or not, but that only bound me to what God spoke to others in history. I have found this to be backwards. The scriptures are great, BUT without the Holy Spirit, they are a burden, and though they point to life, they do not give life. The letter kills, but the Spirit brings life.

The Holy Spirit speaks and may reveal things through the scripture, but He speaks to me and you differently. Everything He speaks must line up with love or it is not Christ who speaks. Simple.

There is a story in John 9 where Jesus spit in the dirt and took the mud and put it on the eyes of a blind man. He told the blind man to go and wash in the pool of Siloam and when he did, the blind man received his sight. It is a great story, but if we take it as a method to heal the sick, we have bound God to words on a page. By saying, “This is how God heals”, we stop God from speaking to the individual. God is much greater than a method to heal. He is bound by the “message” of His Word, NOT the story where He spoke to an individual. This is why we are to be Spirit-led, not Bible-led. Stories are great and they build our faith, but the Spirit causes life.

The Holy Spirit will lead and guide anyone who doesn’t put their trust in their ideas, methods, experiences and knowledge. It takes faith. Do you trust Him to be a good Father? His ways are always greater than our ways. He speaks and leads us individually, and if we place Him in the “box” of the Bible, we limit what He may have for us. Do you trust He will not lead you astray? He wants only the very best for you. If He wanted us to follow the scriptures, He would have never sent us a guide and comforter.

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