That’s a Shame

I was checking Facebook last week and came across a video about a Pastor that kinda messed up in the area of love. Emotions quickly rose up in me. Emotions of anger that he would say the things he did, calling people out and belittling them in front of everyone. Emotions of sadness for the people who were shamed and the Body of Christ as a whole. This did not represent the Love of the Father!

I used to jump on the bandwagon and re-share videos like this because they are shocking and expose the evils of religion. As I contemplated sharing it, I thought about this pastor. I have no idea what he has Pet Shamingbeen through nor what he may be going through. I do not condone what he did either, BUT I realize that if I am to re-share this video, I am kicking a man that is obviously already down. I couldn’t imagine the hate mail he received and probably still receives! He, like everyone else, needs to experience the undying, ever-giving, unconditional Love of Christ.

I couldn’t imagine my worst day being shared across the internet. Could you?

There was a recent episode of “What Would You Do” with host John Quinones in which a parent forced their children to wear a sandwich board on the street corner with a few words describing the bad they had recently done. Shaming is something that has been done to pets in a humorous way, and until recently, “shaming” has been making headlines.

WWYD had a teenager and mother (both actors) on the street corner to see what people would do or say. There was a 50/50 split of reactions coming from bystanders. Some people stood up for the teenager and some for the mother calling it “good parenting”.

My opinion has changed. I used to think this was an awesome way to discipline a child, but now I am of the opinion that embarrassment and shaming are a bad way to deal with anyone. I think that anyone who is made to look bad, or showing the world how someone messed up is not showing love and can cause much harm.

Do you think it is ok to share a video that brings shame to someone? Is discipline with a sandwich board acceptable? What are your thoughts? Comment below.