Phone Call Screening

I am very shocked about a recent status that I posted on Facebook. I had no idea that there would be so many people opposed to my view.

The status:

Why is it that Christians can purposely screen phone calls to avoid someone and think it’s “ok”?”

First off all, I am not speaking from direct experience as one who has been screened, but rather as a friend of someone who has been hurt by people screening calls. If someone screened me, I could care less.

If we are avoiding someone on the phone, what is the reason?

  • Are they annoying?
  • Do they talk too much?
  • Do they complain too much?
  • Do I dislike that person?
  • Does that person rub me the wrong way?
  • Am I offended or angry with that person?

Lets get this straight… I am not talking about being too busy to answer or being unable because you have guests over… I would only assume that if this was the case, you would call them back. I am also not talking about someone you don’t know, a telemarketer or blocked/unknown number. I am talking about a person that you know, but have a problem with.

Here are some similar examples of other things…Call screening

  • Avoiding talking with a certain someone after church so they don’t ask you for a ride home.
  • Turning your back so you don’t make eye contact with a certain someone who you are avoiding.
  • Going “offline” on Facebook to avoid certain people chatting to you.
  • Listening to voice mail messages but not returning a call because we want to avoid the person who left it.

I see everything in my life as a chance to reach someone and change a life. I have no idea what everyone else is going through. Maybe all they need is to be shown a little love and acceptance. Maybe I will be that person that God uses. We think “big deal” they will probably never find out.

Yah, they may not find out, but God sees our hearts. If our motives were not pure, God sees it. If we have a problem with that certain person, we need to address it. If we are simply avoiding them because we are too busy, then we need to answer and tell them we will call back later… and then actually call back. Love would never intentionally hurt another person.

Thank God! we don’t have to worry about Him screening our calls.

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