Fear is a Prison

There is no reason that anyone would choose a life of fear on purpose, especially if they have experienced freedom. The problem is, most people only know fear and have to be shown freedom to understand or even accept it. When someone lives in fear for so long, they begin to believe that it’s normal.

Fear is not normal. Fear is a prison.

I used to be bound by fear. Religion is a great proponent of fear. Fear is used to control, intimidate and manipulate people and ironically used by those who are living in fear themselves. Fear is truly putting “faith” into a possible negative outcome. Fear is the opposite of love and has no positive outcome. In fact, fear can cause serious side effects.

Fear has been known to cause physical side effects like headaches, diarrhea, sweat, rapid heartbeat and shortness of breath. Beyond the short-term side effects, a life of fear can cause much stress leading to anxiety disorder, depression and even heart disease due to excess cholesterol in the blood stream. Fear is a prison

Fear is not normal. Fear is a prison.

Fear will stop people from loving. Fear will stop people from reaching their potential. Fear will waste a life for it is opposed to freedom. Fear is very deceptive and comes from a lack of knowledge.

There is only on cure for fear; truth.

Truth will set you free–and truth is Jesus. (John 14:6) Fear will leave when we realize that the truth lives in us. If we are Spirit-filled, the very life of God resides in us. We cannot live in fear except what we allow to influence us.

I used to believe a lot of fearful , evil and deceptive things. I used to actually believe that with my luck, a pretty girl will cross my path and I will have a impure thought the moment Christ returns, thus going straight to “hell.” THAT IS FEAR!!

I had no knowledge of the truth. I didn’t realize the price that was paid for me and the love that was poured out. It was Christ’s perfect love that cast out ALL my fear. His love showed me that I am human and it is in Him alone that I am even seen as Holy and Righteous in the sight of the Father. It doesn’t matter how pure that religion says I need to be. It’s FEAR and it has no positive outcome. Once I realized that Christ made me Pure and Holy and Righteous and Perfect, walking it out became EASY!! Fear stems from unbelief! Living in the freedom of the New Covenant is much easier than living under the FEAR of the Old Covenant.

Fear is such a large topic to cover. If you are struggling with the fear that religion feeds you, find truth. I recommend reading Phil Drysdale’s blog or any of Jonathon Welton’s writings.

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