Don’t Remain Unchanged

Religion will always remain unchanged. Though a little lipstick, mascara, smoke and mirrors can fool people for a bit, it’s still the same old dead fleshy carcass. You can dress it up and and stand it on the street corner, but it will only bring temporal pleasure, and fail to permanently change anyone. Permanent change comes through revelation of Christ’s love for us and living a life compelled to share that love.

Religion will always market over-ripe, half rotten fruit in order to keep the people thinking that “God is moving”. God doesn’t need our help to convince people things are happening, and if we feel that we need to spam the world with old news, there is probably very little happening. There is no substitute for a lack of fruit or fruit that has long passed it’s expiration date. Where Jesus is, fruit happens.

Religion is a beautiful, white washed tomb, nestled beside lush green shrubbery in the side of a mountain near a glistening waterfall. Roll away the stone and find dry bones and rancid, rotting flesh covered in maggots. Remember that life has come forth from a tomb more than once, Guess what? Jesus can do it again.

Religion is poison that we blindly consume. It looks like a juicy, mouth-watering steak and smells like a fresh loaf of bread at the bakery. Stop settling for food that is lightly lined with strychnine. It causes us to build up a tolerance to greater quantities of poison, eventually causing complete immunity; we become fully-accepting of the very thing that is sucking the life from us.What do I owe you?

The next three words are the most powerful words you must know…


Jesus completed our faith, NOW BELIEVE: IT IS FINISHED! You do not have to earn anything, but are able to accept the FREE GIFT without payment of any sort. BE FREE. Live and love. Enjoy union with Christ and communion with others. If you agree, share this by clicking the buttons below. If you have something to add, comment below.