Shift from Medocrity

As expected, with the aftermath of such a terrible earthquake in Japan, Christians are once again claiming that “the end is near”. Unfortunately, there are many Christians from every generation since that was written that has taken that out of context.

Context: Mark 13 (alternate: Matthew 24)

Jesus is prophesying about the destruction of the Temple in 70AD, not some other future event down the road. He goes on to say, “Do not be deceived or misled by others claiming to be the Messiah.” I don’t know about you, but I have not heard of anyone claiming to be the Messiah. This is due to the fact that He has already come and Jesus was only talking about the years leading up to the destruction of the Temple in 70AD.

If Jesus was prophesying about the destruction of the Temple, why is it that many Christians think that the time of Christ’s return is right around the corner. There have been earthquakes, famines, wars and rumours of wars since the beginning of time. In my opinion, we are using fear to try and scare people into saying a prayer so they can avoid the wrath of hell. All this because we have nothing to offer them here on earth. SAD!

Don’t get me wrong, the things mentioned in these verses can be applied to our day, BUT Jesus said in Mark 13:7 that these things must happen BUT, this is NOT THE END.
A SHIFT is coming and has already begun.

The great commission consists of many “acts” that I believe we will begin to see as common place in the lives of true followers in the coming days. Some of these acts are healing, deliverance, baptism with fire, visions and dreams, casting out devils, speaking in tongues, raising the dead and other signs, wonders and miracles that will confound the wise.

Yes, we do see some of these things today, BUT we don’t see it very often, at least in nations that were founded on Christianity.

Will you be a part of the shift from mediocrity to Power?

Shift from mediocrity to power