There was a time when I was into off-roading. I have been stuck only a few times, but this one time was so bad that I needed a front-end loader to pull me out. I was off-roading behind Martensville one day with a couple friends after about three days of continual rain. The ground was soggy and fun for mudding! We were 4x4ing around a gravelled area and came up to a huge puddle that had formed because of the rain. I began to brake because I wanted to check it out before proceeding. The moment I stopped, so did the truck. I was already in four wheel drive and the truck had sunk about 1.5 feet in clay. I was not moving.

We called a tow truck to come and pull us out. I had explained to him how to get to where I was. He said he knew how to get there and avoided my advice. Not more than 10 minutes had passed and we find out that he went through a field and burried his two wheel drive, dually, tow truck. Oh boy!!

Both trucks got to stay the night in the mud. The next day, because we were near a gravel pit, we were able to sweet talk the front-end loader operator to pull us out. He said he’d do it if we got 100 ft of chain. So we did. We connected to my truck and the front-end loader, with idling engine, pulled my truck out. I figured the right thing to do would be to help out the tow truck driver who came to help me.

When we arrived, the tow truck driver had a friend with a winch on his two wheel drive truck. He was trying to pull out the tow truck using the winch, but just ended sliding in the mud toward the tow truck. We decided that if he could use some of our chain and anchor his two wheel drive truck to my truck, we could winch the tow truck closer. Four hours later, we had moved the tow truck a substantial amount using this method, but still hadn’t finished.

As I was thinking about this, what a great analogy for strength in God. We cannot pull someone out of quicksand if we aren’t on solid ground or anchored to something ourselves. We need to be and remain anchored in God. We will never be able to pull someone else to safety without first being anchored in the Love of Christ.

Anchored in Christ