10 Tips to Defeat Sin in Your Life


OH, THE POWER OF SIN!! Its strength, authority and control. A vast mountain to overcome, a disease that spreads, a vortex that sucks you in and a chain around your neck that restricts the ability to breathe… at least that is how I used to view it.

When I would go through a tough time, be it financially or concerning my health, I would always relate it to sin in my life. I figured that I must have done something to deserve this bad treatment. I felt as if Holy Spirit was convicting me of sins (as opposed to sin), but that could not be farther from the truth.

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I was doomed to fail, because I am human. Is that an excuse? No, unless we use it to continue in sin. I viewed the Father as a tyrant, whom would use bad to “teach me a lesson”. This is the opposite of God. God is good and it is His goodness that changes and turns our hearts. I chose to believe a lie about Him because it made sense on paper. I lived in fear of messing up. I let my behaviour as a father and husband dictate who He was, rather than let His love reveal who I truly am.

I believed that my sin was greater than His love. I was focused on me, not Him. I was focused on sin and gave power to it. I was convinced of sowing and reaping more than I was convinced that my Father only gave good and perfect gifts. I didn’t understand that God was not concerned with sin AT ALL… not even a little!! Sin WAS defeated, yet I gave it power.

To live under the law, there are consequences to sin, and sin will eventually lead to death. Choosing life does not mean that you choose to not sin, but rather that you choose to believe what Christ and the Father believe about you. I began to realize that sin is powerless, has no authority and cannot have control. I have complete faith that the Father will keep me safe!! His love WILL keep me. He is a GOOD Father! A bad father would hold your sin against you after it’s been paid for. A bad father will kick you when you are down. A bad father will lie to you and use evil to control you, intimidate you and guilt you into doing what he wants. Satan is the father of lies, not Jesus.

You may have read to this point and realized that there are not 10 Tips to Defeat Sin. There is no secret formula or method apart from believing the power of sin is gone and the Father is only GOOD! Let him wash away the callouses, remove the veil and awaken you to the truth of an amazing Father. Love works.